Tehsil Kahuta launched Aggressive Admission Campaign to Bring maximum students to Schools – Admission Introductory Video Launched

Special Report: Rafia Tahira, DDEO(W-EE) Tehsil Kahuta

With the arrival of March, the new session’s month, Education officials & teachers across District Punjab are putting their best efforts to bring maximum students to the schools and strengthen the foundation of Pakistan through Education. In every district & tehsil, everyone is trying to promote the Government Schools and convincing people to enroll their children their being equipped with necessary facilities and an enriched pool of talented teachers.

The Education Department Tehsil Kahuta launched an aggressive successful campaign that is receiving great attraction of people. The use of modern technology and web sources beside the passionate efforts of all concerned is playing an important role in creating awareness among general public. An introductory video for admissions has been launched with the assistance of Rani Production that reflects the spirit of teachers, department officials and private sector for playing their role in national development through improvements in education sector.

We encourage you to watch this video, share the same and give your feedback. Everyone is welcome to share their efforts for admissions in respective tehsils, DEA website shall publish it. Pakistan Zindabad, Parho Punjab Barho Punjab

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